The Eternal Forest Trust Ltd.
Company Number: 5163451 Charity Number: 1110801
Our Vision

  Our ethos is respect for all life. This means care for the whole of the biosphere, understanding that all forms of life are linked together. Our methods are organic: we compost and recycle and avoid poisonous chemicals. We buy locally whenever possible, re-use what we can and limit the use of non-renewable resources. We seek to enhance biodiversity, celebrating the beauty and variety of Nature.

We accept death as a natural part of life, regarding it as the changing of the body into new forms of life. We support the bereaved and those who confront death by encouraging them to tune into the healing peace and harmony of the wood.

Care for people includes accepting people with physical, mental or financial limitations. It means allowing for differences between individuals, belief systems and cultures, and valuing creativity and learning. We ask only that people who come to the wood take care not to damage the environment or harm the life-forms that surround them.


The Objects of the Charity are, briefly:
  1.    provision of amenity woodland for the public;
2.    provision of education about woodland;
3.    provision and maintenance of a green burial ground;
4.    succour for the bereaved.

We hope that in the long term, The Eternal Forest Trust will be able to propagate this vision, assisting other groups in setting up green burial grounds where trees and wildlife may enjoy sanctuary alongside people.

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